Nouvant Portfolio℠ is the Premium Online Marketing and Licensing Platform for Technology Transfer Organizations

Nouvant's premium software suite allows technology transfer organizations to manage their intellectual property portfolio through the commercialization process, from the creation of marketing pages and licenses on a dedicated, organization-branded website to the completion of the end-user licensing process.

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Features Include

Nouvant Portfolio℠

Branded, Hosted Technologies Marketing Site

Your Nouvant Portfolio℠ site is an extension of your online identity: Your technologies, your brand, your Web design are just a click away from your home page, or a Google search. See an example

Customer Subscriptions, Inquiries and Communication

The Nouvant platform enables direct email inquiries from potential licensees, who can also sign up for email alerts about new technologies in their areas of interest. These contacts are captured as valuable potential leads in your Nouvant administrative system.

Auto-Generated PDF files

Site visitors can download pdf files of each technology page - generated instantly by the Nouvant system.

Category Navigation and Taxonomy Management

Nouvant Portfolio℠ supports categories: multi-tiered technology classifications that allow potential licensees to easily navigate to their areas of interest within your technologies catalogue. See an example

”Collections“ is a separate classification feature, presenting technologies into extra-categorical bundles like Featured Technologies, Available for Express Licensing, or other collections customized to your needs.

Content Management and Administrative Settings

The Nouvant admin system allows you to manage your content, contacts, categories, and other site settings - a powerful backup to your public Portfolio℠ site.

Content Strategy and Search-Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nouvant Portfolio℠ is an SEO-friendly platform, and Nouvant offers Content and SEO strategy for writing compelling abstracts that appeals to both search engines and potential licensees.

Portfolio℠ Premium

Advanced Branding and Marketing

Portfolio℠ Premium takes your Web branding to the next level:

  • Branded forms: inquiry, subscriptions and licensing pages
  • Fully branded pdf design
  • Branded email communications

Online Licensing and E-Commerce

Nouvant's Online Licensing platform is the most sophisticated in the technology transfer arena. Features include: * License templates and agreements created from existing, approved legal language and easily applied to technology pages See an example

  • Dynamic, click-through agreement process makes express licensing easy
  • E-Commerce integration securely connects licensee to payment gateway for checkout
  • Email confirmation to licensee and licensing officer
  • License agreement and licensee data securely catalogued in Nouvant system

Analytics Dashboard and Reporting

Portfolio℠ Premium includes access to analytics tracking site activity in a user-friendly dashboard, as well as regular analytics reports.